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PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:25 pm 
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What is Burger-CTF?
It's a game mode you can play on nearly every* CTF map. Or special edited versions of those maps.
This game mode is a mix of One Flag-CTF, Bombing Run and Joust.


One Burger Bomb spawns in the middle of the map and the teams have to take it and fight and carry it to the enemies base and touch the enemies flag. For every delivered Burger Bomb earns the team points. The carrier of the bomb dies from the Redeemer like explosion and takes every player around with him. But this doesn't count as suicide and entails no penalty.
The difference to Bombing Run is, the carrier can still use all his weapons and he isn't able to pass the bomb to a team mate. If the Burger Bomb carrier got fragged before he can reach the enemies flag does he drop the bomb and any other player can pick it up.
That means, if you pick it up are you the carrier till you get fragged. If you are low on health let another team mate pick up the bomb or you'll only be the delivery-boy presenting the bomb on a silver tablet for the opposing team.

The Carrier is clearly visible by a white glow around him and his gain of weight ...additionally is he producing a trail of green unhealthy fart clouds. Those clouds won't hurt team mates and the carrier as well, but enemies get damaged. So, be careful when you hunt the carrier, he could use the clouds to trick you and get you in a quandary.

Have Fun!

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